International Students in Australia?

The Australian dream of young millenials has been put to a pause during the pandemic since March,2020 as the international borders have remained closed till date.The new federal budget has indicated that the international borders will remain closed until mid-2022. In pre-pandemic time of October 2019, Australia had 738,107 students onshore studying and pursuing theirAustralian Dream. Australia has become a hotspot for international students in the past decade.The reason being, Australian universities have a high standard education system giving global recognition to the international students to pursue their career. Students can make a living while studying working upto 20 hours a week which makes living overseas affordable. Theimmigration department grants 2 years of work visa after completing masters’ degree and 1more year in specific cases as per new updates. Australia has been a land of opportunities for migrants. The country has been a welcoming destination for students coming from overseas.So, the country won’t lose a spot and will continue welcoming students onshore after everything jumps back to normal. Currently, the authorities allowed front line workers and now tourism and hospitality workers who could be students to work more than 20 hours a week. The government will ease the strict standards of visa applications and will fasten the visa processes to cater thelarge population willing to come to Australia. But for now, the government is not at allconsidering to start allowing international flow as the COVID-19 continues to hit the rest of thepart of the world affecting humankind severely.