What is Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 491)?

Every student has heard one of the most noticeable pieces of advice who is willing to study and also plan their Permanent Residency in Australia is to live, work and study in regional areas ofAustralia.

Why has the Government emphasised to study/work in regional areas for the past few years?

Why does the government want to push the crowd to regional Australia?

There have been several updates in the regional work visa streams which allows a pathway of as long as 5years stay in Australia which eventually could be converted into permanent residency. Currently,every state has their own offerings to give the Subclass 491 – 5 years of Skilled Work Regional Visa by fulfilling nominal requirements listed. As of now, 3200 applicants have been grantedSubclass 491 visa starting from Financial year July 2020 up until now still 1 month remains to count. States like Tasmania, Northern Territory are providing easy migration pathways to get permanent residency after studying for 2 years full time. The government is aimed to do infrastructural, economical and workforce development because the mega cities of Australiahave started developing to their maximum potential and now becoming overcrowded which neglects the balanced growth of a country as a whole. The bottom line of the topic is that students planning to come to Australia with a long term stay vision and onshore students who are finishing up their degrees should focus on regional studies and regional visa pathways to avoid the existing tough competition of mega cities and get full benefit of these types of visas.