Hi, How Can We Help You?


The right work changes where they are today and builds a better future for them. Our excellent service team consists of trusted professionals who are committed to understanding the needs of our customers. We work with a variety of employers and agents. From metropolitan hubs to remote locations, our business and community connections are at the heart of our broader work on how to connect customers to multiple industries.


We help guide you through the process, from searching and applying for work, pre-employment screening, preparation for work, job placement and post-placement support.

We will provide:

  • Assisting you to develop a résumé that shows employers your skills and experience
  • Helping you to find suitable jobs to apply for and referring you to vacancies
  • Helping you with the skills, training and assistance you may need, based on your individual circumstances
  • Providing self-help facilities to assist with your job search. This includes access to computers, phones, printers and the internet
  • Providing information to support your job search e.g. how to prepare job applications, selection criteria and cover letters, hints to help with job interviews, and how to access other information online